Whole30 Update & Recipe List

Whole30 Update & Recipe List

As we near the end of Whole30 (ONLY SIX MORE DAYS), we are getting a little bit…lazy with cooking. I have not been creating as many recipes so much as following others, and my life is getting a little bit more hectic now that the semester’s started again, so I’m getting tired of not being able to eat out and having to bring a duffel bag full of snacks wherever I go. The other day, though, I did go to Tropical Smoothie and get a smoothie with no sugar. Their orange juice has no additives or anything, so the sunrise, sunset (unsweetened) is fully compliant. I also have to admit that I have been eating Larabars at work, even though I hate them. I know a million people just gasped in shock and distress (because wow, Larabars, so gr8!), but I just think they’re dumb. I appreciate that they’re whole ingredients, but they taste like a toddler squished a bunch of raisins in his hand and then presented it to me. I can make that shit myself for cheaper (but, of course, I don’t, I continue to eat Larabars, and thus the reason they exist is clear).

I still feel pretty good, though, and I am not mad that I did this. My jeans feel super loose, and I think my skin is even getting better. Still, I’ll be excited when I can have beans and corn again.

So, here are the recipes we’ve had since the last update!

  • Harvest chicken skillet  This was SO good. Omg. I added cumin, and used frozen brussels sprouts that I let defrost and then cut in half. Omg. Yuuuummmmm. I think I also used twice the potato and half the apple.
  • Green chile chicken I used chicken breasts instead of thighs, cut into thirds to make them about the same size. We ate this over baked sweet potatoes (pictures on Twitter), and it was A+. It would probably also be A+ with an over-easy egg on top. (EDIT: It is A+ with an over-easy egg on top)
  • Chicken Korma I omitted the heavy cream, and used olive oil in the marinade instead of yogurt. It was VERY spicy, though, so I recommend leaving out the jalapeno, or seeding it, as all of the kormas I’ve eaten in Indian restaurants have been pretty mild. We had this over broccoli rice.
  • Drumsticks and potatoes This is a pretty basic meal, but it does make some damn good potatoes. I’ll be using this recipe again, but instead of her spices, I’ll be using cinnamon, cumin, and red pepper flakes. Mmmmm (can you tell I love cumin?).
  • Heroin Chicken” Not as addictive as she made it sound, but definitely delicious. I’m mostly impressed by the cooking method. Will use again. Also, do not skimp on the sumac. You can get an ounce in the bulk spice section at Whole Foods for less than a dollar. We ate this with the braised red cabbage from the next bullet point (pictures on Twitter)
  • Braised red cabbage When I finished eating my turkey burgers and had most of a head of cabbage leftover, I knew I wanted to braise it, German style. Most of the recipes I found called for sugar or honey or something, but this one was compliant! And also excellent. I added a splash more vinegar than it called for because it wasn’t tart enough for me, but it was soooo good. I am very excited for these leftovers. I think it’ll be even better the next day.

I DID also make a tilapia stew, which I will be posting about soon, and a ceviche which I will not be posting about until I’ve tweaked it and made it awesome. I’ve been eating a lot of apples, raw green beans, and frozen broccoli as snacks. Tonight, I’m going to try making a tahini dressing and seeing how that goes.


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