Goodbye, Whole30

Goodbye, Whole30

WE MADE IT! Sort of.

Yesterday was our last official day of Whole30, except that we had beans on Monday. And grains. And a lil bit of dairy. It was a burrito. But it was a delicious burrito, and I did 4 complete weeks of Whole30 and I felt (and still feel) PRETTY AWESOME. I lost 8 lbs and 2.5 inches on my waist, which is amazing, and so close to my goal weight (just another 6-7 more lbs). I thought, when we ended Whole30, that I was going to want to immediately run out and eat all of the foods I’d been craving (i.e. Oreos, tacos, bread, cheese), but the only thing I really wanted was corn (and I still want tacos. That burrito was garbage. Fuck you, Chipotle). It was that weird forbidden-fruit mentality. On Sunday and Monday, I was foaming at the mouth for ANYTHING noncompliant. Then I went to the grocery yesterday, set on buying myself whatever I wanted, and I found that I didn’t want much.

Boyfriend DID end up consuming an entire pizza between Monday night and Tuesday morning, which was not the best idea, but it made him happy. Unfortunately for Whole30’s suggested food reintroduction period, this week is restaurant week in Philadelphia, which is the greatest event ever and I would be a fool not to attend. We’ve got reservations for dinner tomorrow and lunch on Friday. So, outside of that, I think I’m going to continue eating as whole as possible, but I did miss beans. I am definitely, definitely going to begin eating them again.

On another note, I bought my first ever bottle of Kombucha to try. After we decide that we like it (I hope), we’re gonna try to FERMENT IT OURSELF. Stay tuned for that rollercoaster.

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