Ace Edits

Ace Edits

Need skilled editing that won’t break the bank? Look no further. As a writer myself, I know how important it is to have quality editing, and I can provide that to you at a competitive rate. Here’s a breakdown of my services:

  • Line Editing ($00.003/word) For a line edit, I focus on mechanics. I’ll fix grammar and typos, and comment on word choice and structure where necessary. This will not include any major plot suggestions, suggestions for cutting, or any big developmental suggestions–unless it’s something that impedes understanding on the sentence level.
  • Developmental Editing ($00.005/word) This is the big one, the one where I’ll spend hours trying to think about your manuscript as hard as you did. I’ll make note of questions I have that are and aren’t answered, tell you what emotions I feel and where, let you know which scenes I think should be cut and why, and give you a brief critical reading of what I think is going on, so that you can see where you’ve been successful in getting your intentions across (and where they may be a little fuzzy). For any writer looking for a developmental edit, I’ll provide a sample edit of either 1 chapter or 10 pages of your manuscript first, to make sure that we’re a good fit.
  • Anything under 10,000 words, for any edits, will have a flat rate of $30. This can include articles, essays, super short stories, flash fiction, etc. Maybe you just want a chapter or two looked at–this is the option for you!

If you’re interested in my services, contact me at Once we’re in contact, we can work out a timeline that best fits with your schedule.

BORING QUALIFICATIONS AND STUFF (a.k.a. other reasons you should hire me)

  • In-progress MFA in writing from Temple University
  • BA in English from Florida State University
  • Developmental and Line Editing for fiction and non-fiction (5 years)
  • Professional copy-editing across multiple industries (3 years)